Healhtech in Algeria

Opportunities in Africa

From online Marketplace to wellness apps via telemedicine, healtech opportunities are real in Africa

Shortage of health professionals in Africa

Only four countries in Africa have skilled health professional density over the global average namely Libya, Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa.

Growing funding for healthtech in Africa

Funding for healthtech startups in Africa is growing year after year but still look extremely low in comparison with European or North american situation

Startups active in Healtech in Africa

The development of healhtech is not homogeneous in Africa.  As often when it comes to new technologies Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria are frontrunners.  Tunisia, Cameroon, Uganda and Egypt are also performing better than other african countries in Healthtech

Healtech in Algeria

There are only two Healhtech startups in Algeria.

Etabib is the main healthtech in Algeria, Etabib which means literally online doctor is an online booking platform and management software provider for doctors. 

The solution has been launched by a local GP.

The solution is  in competition with the main platform in North Africa, Dabadoc.

Dabadoc a moroccan solution has attracted foreign investments (Orange and AXA jointly took a majority stake in the company) and is ready  for further expansion in the rest of Africa and the MENA region. Needless to say that without additional funding or clever positioning, Etabib has extremely low chance to challenge Dabadoc.

Algeria is already lagging far behind Tunisia and Morocco in healhtech. Tunisia for example has startups active in telehealth, assistive technology, E-pharmacy, Diagnostics, monitoring and health analytics etc. Meanwhile, Algeria has only Etabib and a lifestyle solution.

Key focus to create an efficient ecosystem

Healthtech industry is  an highly regulated industry.  In an article on digital health in middle east, the Economist highlighted the different stakeholders involved in the redefinition of the healthcare ecosystem.

Without a clear vision and a clever interaction between the different stakeholders, Healhtech in Algeria will not manage to cacth up with Morocco and Tunisia and other frontrunners in the continent.

There is one specificity of the industry which should not be neglected.  Quite often the  user of the product (the patient) is not the one paying for it (Paid by public funds  or Private insurances).